What’s keeping you from living your dream?

You know in your heart what kind of life you want to live. But just thinking about all the steps you need to take to achieve that dream can be overwhelming, and where do you even start? Hi, my name is Mike Schmeeckle, and as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer, I am here to work together with you. We’ll design a plan with step-by-step actions that will keep you moving forward without getting overwhelmed. In addition to Life Coaching, we add energy healing to help remove emotional blocks, stuck energy, cords-n-hooks that are holding back from your true potential.

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Welcome to Life Alchemy by Michael.

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Life & Empowerment Coach

Intuitive Life Alchemist of the Energy Healing Arts

Welcome! My name is Michael Schmeeckle;  Life Alchemy by Michael, LLC is my dream concept for helping people to unlock their true potential and empowering each and every one of you to live life to the fullest as possible. Let me tell you a bit about myself for a bit of background on whom you are working with. As for my journey has been an interesting one, with a farming and ranching background in a rural community in central Nebraska, artist, gourmet healthy cheesecake creator, life coaching, energy healer, public speaker, philosopher, and mentor. I was once married to a beautiful woman named Stacy Hauser, but due to an auto accident, I lost her after her 33rd birthday. Stacy once said to me, “Life is the Greatest Adventure…Go Live it!” so I have embraced this concept, by applying what she and I started off together with energy healing work and life coaching. I am working on further advance with adding online classes with udemy.com, guided meditations, more seminars and workshops, nature retreats and much more as time passes. 

I have a vision of what I am working on is to create this opportunity by combining life coaching and energy healing together as a Life Alchemist of the Energy Healing Arts. As one of my purposes in life is to “Heal the Healers, so the Healers can Heal others better” and to raise an individual’s soul vibration with ascension attunements. As Expertise magazine wrote about, “Life Alchemy by Michael delivers professional life coaching and intuitive healing services to clients in the Omaha area. The passionate certified life coach has been assisting individuals with goals of personal growth and success for more than a decade. He specializes in working with clients ready to be happy in life, fulfill potential, make changes, and find balance through a combination of powerful healing tools and strategies. Life Alchemy by Michael designs a plan with step-by-step actions to keep individuals moving forward without becoming overwhelmed. He has the formal training and personal experience to deliver expert guidance through and around obstacles that are barriers to progress. Effective life coaching services assist with a range of objectives including developing leadership skills, realizing life dreams, achieving lifestyle changes, professional advancement, and development, or clarifying individual life purpose.” – https://www.expertise.com/ne/omaha/life-coaches  

This year of 2022, will be a great and awesome year, in my humble opinion!

Core Values

Being Happy

 Figuring out your values and aligning your life to them

 Fulfilling Potential

 Overcoming road blocks and accomplishing your goals

 Making Changes

 Getting over fears and transforming your habits

 Finding Balance

Breathing, relaxing, and becoming content with your world
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What can a Life Coach do for you?

The premise in coaching is that the client is already whole with strengths and resources. Coaching is action-oriented, works with the client’s conscious mind, and focuses on empowerment. Coaching assists with a wide range of objectives, including developing leadership skills and realizing life dreams, achieving lifestyle changes, professional advancement, enhancing personal development and/or clarifying your …


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