What can a Life Coach do for you?

The premise in coaching is that the client is already whole with strengths and resources. Coaching is action-oriented, works with the client’s conscious mind, and focuses on empowerment.

Coaching assists with a wide range of objectives, including developing leadership skills and realizing life dreams, achieving lifestyle changes, professional advancement, enhancing personal development and/or clarifying your life mission and purpose.

My coaching focuses on:

* Action, reflection, and dialogue

* Engaging everyone in his/her own learning

* Respecting individual differences and needs

* Fostering emotional, intellectual, and common-sense commitment

‚ÄčMy methods include:

* Assessments, examining values and motivation

* Setting measurable goals

* Defining focused-action goals

* Using validated behavioral change tools and techniques to assist you to identify and develop your talents, remove blocks, and improve your professional and personal lives

Coaching is NOT:

* A replacement for training

* Therapy

* Pleasant “chit-chat”

Coaching IS:

* Highly interactive

* Professional collaboration to reach goals

* Completed within the context of your goals and objectives

The ultimate goal in coaching is to help you achieve success and increase your potential by expanding your sense of what is possible!